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Bruce Chiu

A former Law Enforcement Officer and champion Martial Arts competitor, Mr. Chiu began his martial arts training in 1971. He has been teaching for over 30 years. His students include members of several state and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, including the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, Florida State Troopers, BATF, DEA, the United States Secret Service, and members of America’s elite military units.

While training in Hong Kong, Mr. Chiu was the youngest person granted instructorship in White Crane Kung Fu by the legendary White Crane Grandmaster Ngai Yuk Tong and the International White Crane Federation of Hong Kong. Mr. Chiu was also the youngest person granted permission to teach White Crane in the United States.

Mr. Chiu holds multiple Black Belts and holds a 8th degree or higher equivalent in Karate, American Karate, and White Crane Kung Fu. Mr. Chiu is a certified instructor in Bukido and Police Tactical Baton. He is a former licensed Florida Security Instructor.

Mr. Chiu was also a personal student of the late Grandmaster Remy A. Presas, the founder of Modern Arnis. Mr. Chiu has done work in film and television, as well as numerous martial arts and fitness training videos. He can be seen in such films as Dead Presidents, the Discovery Channel’s Secrets of the Warrior’s Power and the World Wrestling Federation. Mr. Chiu was also the security and self-defense expert consultant for America’s Health Network and Good Morning Tampa Bay.

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